Dual Slope, Valve Optical Compressor

The GLA-OP1, Governor is a highly distinctive, dual-channel, tube optical compressor. We believe it can be considered one of the most progressive optical compressors. In its operation, it builds upon and elevates the concept of the Bishop’s dual slope optical compressor, taking it to the next level. Based on valves, it features a more parameterizable version of the Tube Boost function found in the Empress. In addition to the side-chain filter, it can receive an external side-chain signal and operate in both stereo and mono modes. It offers three compression modes, ranging from a gentle leveler style to an aggression what previously unheard of in optical compressors scene. It can handle timing automation and includes a meter section with a peak hold function, providing precise feedback on the compressor’s operating status.


2x3 Band Tube Equalizer

What would be your first though when you hear the term “passive equalizer”? At first, probably you think about the airy high frequency components, the rich subs and the widely applicable cuts and boosts wich can be used alongside each other. These types of equalisers have been around since the early 50’s, the most famous Pultec EQP-1 from Pulse Techniques was the first one that provided simultaneously passive filter circuits alongside high quality line amplifiers. The downside of the EQP-1 was the lack of ability to carry out precision frequency isolation, but it was able to change any sound in its core. Many of the modern equalizers are based on the original EQP-1 in both structure and functions that could be limiting in a modern music environment and production.


All Tube Channel Strip

We are proud to announce that the new family member of Gainlab Audio products has arrived! Our own designed BISHOP all tube channel unit brings much more than you expect from a regular high quality channel strip. The heart of the unit based on the mic preamp which consist three vacuum tubes constructed in all tube design. There are inputs for the mic and instrument on the front while mic and line also selectable on back panel. Over the regular switches of phase, polarity and phantom power we found a special drive pot which is available for colouring the instrument input through a discrete solution. The big enlighten eye catching ring for stepped gain selector is separated in two selectable scales which gives ultimate capabilities to make gain even until +60dB. 


Pentode Vari-u Compressor

The Dual Mono version of the Dictator is contains two Dictator compressors that can be parameterized completely independently of each other, in a way that preserves the richness of sound you already know. This makes it economical to use on separate tracks. All controls are stepped (even the separate thresholds) so the two sides can run seamlessly together when needed. Accordingly, the stereo link function is also remained available. Dictator is designed to be as versatile as possible on modern materials and to easily integrate into today’s production practice, in addition to it’s traditional vacuum tube design.


Dual Pentode Vari-u Compressor

The Dictator is a tube based dynamic controller wich is designed after a classic vari-mu compressors. Theoretically similar to the legendary Fairchild 670 and Gates STA-Level in addition to the contemporary solutions in order to have a better control over the sound. The bespoke design of the branch circuits we just simply call the “mu-follower”. The two channels of the compressor can provide synchronised running throughout the whole range of the transition curve and so excellent gain reduction can be achieved. The time wise working parameters and the saturation characteristics are very familiar to the known tube based compressors.

Use your Gainlab Audio equipment with Session Recall software! We add a free device definition code for each of our products.

Session Recall is an application designed to save the settings of analog devices without memories. It will allow you to save complete configurations of one or more devices into sessions that you can recall at any time. Whether you are a musician, a composer, or an audio engineer, Session Recall will flawlessly integrate into your workflow and will save your precious time.


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