Gainlab Audio - Dictator


INPUT: 2 x Balanced XLR
OUTPUT: 2 x Balanced XLR

Max. Input: +23dBu
input impedance: >10Kohm

input impedance: >10Kohm

Tubes: 6N1P EV (E88CC Equivalent)

Frequency response: 20Hz-20Khz +/- 2dB

Size: 483x280x89
Weight: 5.6Kg

Mains: 230V AC (EU), 110V AC (US)

Max. Output: >23dBu
Output impedance: <65ohm

THD+N (0dBu): <0.08%

Noise floor: <-60dBu, SNR: 88dB





GLA-PEQ, Empress User Manual

It is the user’s manual for the Empress 2×3 Band Tube Equalizer in English.

GLA-PEQ, Empress Calibration Manual

It is the calibration manual for the Empress 2×3 Band Tube Equalizer in English.

FAQ and troubleshooting

– The mains is not connected.
– The IEC socket switch is not switched on.


– Check the mains connection.
– Check that the mains voltage is present.
– Switch on the IEC connector switch.
– Replace the mains cable.
– Disconnect from the mains and check the fuse on the IEC connector (replace if burned out).

– The switch under the red LED is in the down position.
– Inadequate mains voltage.


– Set the switch below the red LED to the upper position.
– Check the mains voltage level at the operating site.
– Check that the mains voltage requirement of the device is corresponds to the voltage what is available at your location.

– Voltage fluctuation on the mains network.
– Inadequate mains voltage


– Check the mains voltage and whether it is suitable for your device. (You can read the required voltage on the backpanel’s serial label.)
– Eliminate voltage fluctuations. (Use another outlet or voltage conditioner.)
– Replace the fuse.

– It is normal on this type of equipment, it does not affect the operation of the device.

– The charged elements in the vacuum tubes can mechanically vibrate, changing the distance between the elements, producing charge flows in and out of the tube in a manner identical to a capacitor microphone. A system sufficiently susceptible to microphonics could experience audio feedback, and make noises if jarred or bumped.

– Be sure to avoid hitting or dropping the device.

– If the phenomenon is extreme, it may be necessary to replace the tubes.

Case 1 – Noise can be heard in bypass mode.

– Noise is coming to the device from the source side.

Case 2 – Noise is not heard in the bypass position

– Like all analog devices, Empress has its own noise, because of the complex passive filter circuits, this is normal around -60dBu noise floor.
– Applying too much cutting and / or boosting on the raw material.
– Applying too much cutting and / or boosting on the raw material, combined with tube boost.

Case 1 – It also happens in the bypass position.

– The source signal levels do not match on either side.
– The connecting cables are defective.

Case 2 – In the bypass position, both signal levels are the same.

– Check that the two sides are set the same way.
– Vacuum tubes are worn and need to be replaced. (Please contact us below.)

-Most of the time it is a “ground related” noise.

– Professional audio equipment intended for use with balanced lines may have a ground lift switch for the cable shield. The ground lift switch eliminates unwanted hum and buzz by interrupting the ground loops between equipment, preventing current flow along the cable shield between two devices. 


– Use the ground lift switch at the back on the device.

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Gainlab Audio Serial Number


EMPRESS 2×3 Band Tube Equalizer – AcidJam FULL MIX

EMPRESS 2×3 Band Tube Equalizer – AcidJam SAMPLED DRUMS

EMPRESS 2×3 Band Tube Equalizer – AcidJam ACID BASSLINE

EMPRESS 2×3 Band Tube Equalizer – AcidJam SUB BASS

EMPRESS 2×3 Band Tube Equalizer – Shuffle FULL MIX

EMPRESS 2×3 Band Tube Equalizer – Shuffle DRUMS

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MixbusTV’s Empress Review

It is a detailed review video from David Gnozzi about our Empress EQ, with many great samples and examples.

Empress, KMR UK Virtual Demo Room Video

Empress equalizer demo video by KMR UK. (No talk)
KMR Empress

Empress at the Amazing Sound Studios

Igl Schönwitz's video with our Empress in German language.

OSC Audio Empress Test Drive

It is a very detailed video from our far eastern partner about the Empress.
OSC Audio Empress
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